Specific Treatments

anti-pigmentation cream with Kojic Acid

GingkoActive as a cream for the treatment of dark spots on the skin, with a multiple action. Kojic Dipalmitate whitens dark spots and prevents the development of new discolorations.

Gingko Biloba stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and acts as an antioxidant. Essential in combination with a peeling treatment.

50ml NZ$101.70

HiPro SPF50 (copy)
HiPro SPF40
intensive protection

HiPro contains UVA and UVB SPF40 and is waterproof. Thanks to the addition of Vitamin E ageing signs in the face are countered. This cream is essential after a peeling, microdermabrasion or laser treatment to prevent pigmentation and to protect the new skin.

50ml NZ$101.70   **NO STOCK AVAILABLE**

Derma C(copy)
Derma C10
with antioxidant Vitamin C

Derma C10 is a very effective cream packed in capsules for external use. One capsule contains 10% Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and protects the skin against free radicals.

This effect is enhanced if Derma C10 is used in combination with, for example, Retinol. In addition, Derma C10 increases the skin's elasticity and helps to reduce impurities in the skin.

Derma C10 is an extremely effective anti-ageing tool.

40 capsules NZ$133.00

with ß-cyclodextrin complex for a regulated release of Vitamin K

This Vitamin K cream stimulates the microcirculation of the skin. This way Impuls-K shortens the recovery after a cosmetic treatment or peeling.

Impuls-K is particularly effective in treating dark circles under the eyes, hyper-pigmentation, spider veins and rosacea.

With the added Rosa Moschata and Hyaluronic Acid the skin is hydrated and ageing is countered.

30ml  NZ$168.60


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