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The solution to stamp away scars and wrinkles!

Dermastamp uses very fine needles to promote tissue stimulation and skin rejuvenation.

This is unlike any heat based technology as there is no skin burning and skin coagulation.

The Dermastamp uses vertical penetration to create infusion channels into the skin to instantly create hydration with hyaluronic acid. 

What is involved in the treatment?

The skin is cleaned and sterilised. Generally the skin will need to be numbed to ensure your comfort. The tip will glide over your skin creating stimulating channels and an even flushing is the best indication for a perfect medical treatment.
What are the benefits?
  • rejuvenates your skin
  • improves the appearance of fine wrinkles and shrinking pores
  • improves and levels out skin tone, particularly of aging skin
  • improves the resolution of scar tissue, including acne, chicken pox and post surgical scars
  • improves the appearance of stretch marks
How many treatments are required?

Is is recommended to have 3 x treatments, each 4 - 6 weeks apart, and then quarterly maintenance session.

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