Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) - Photo Facial

Excessive sun exposure can cause premature ageing (Photo-ageing) of our skin with reduced elasticity, uneven pigmentation and red veins BUT our unique IPL technology gently and effectively eliminates spots, discolourations and unwanted blood vessels.

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What is involved in the LUMENIS M22* IPL Photorejuvenation treatment?

A cool gel is applied to the treated area which conducts a pulse of light emitted from the hand piece into the skin. Anything in that area of skin which is either brown or red absorbs the light creating heat damage and is cauterised (i.e. pigmented cells and red veins are treated and reduced by the heat they absorb from the IPL machine.)

After the session there may be some redness and you can possibly feel a mild sunburn sensation for the rest of the day.
There is “no downtime” as you can resume the day’s activities straight after your treatment.

The Lumenis IPL Rejuventation treatment works with your skin to removal your imperfections and stimulate collagen and elastic fibre production over a sequence of treatments.

Some skin concerns such as shallow pigmentation and age/sun spots can be cleared with as few as 1-2 treatments. Typically 2-6 sessions with 2-4 weeks in between are needed to acheive optimal results for most skin concerns.
What are the benefits?
  • Fade or reduce pigmentation, age spots and sun induced freckles
  • Reduce fine broken capillaries, red veins and other minor vascular problems
  • Improve skin texture and overall complexion. Your facial skin looks and feels refreshed, dewy and more youthful
What are the risks?

IPL is a very safe treatment but the very bright flash of light can damage the retina so both the provider and patient are required to wear protective eye wear for the treatment.

If your skin colour is very dark or you have developed a recent tan then there is a small possibility of burning the skin and the IPL provider will adjust the treatment accordingly to try to avoid any such problems.  A few test shots in a less visible location may be helpful in determining the correct settings.

*Palmerston North Clinic uses Dermalight IPL Rejuvenation

Why the LUMENIS M22 is superior?
Developed by the pioneer of aesthetic medicine and trusted by leading professionals around the world, the Lumenis IPL Photo rejuvenation treatment is FDA cleared. 

As the inventor of the IPL technology, Lumenis features dozens of clinical papers proving the efficacy and safety of it's technology.

Energy based treatments are not suitable for everyone and carry some risks. Book in for a consult to discuss whether this treatment will work for you.

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