Before & After 1

Submental (Chin)

Pre Treatment  Post Treatment - 12 wks 2nd Post Treatment -12 wks
Pre TX 1 Post TX 1 Post TX 1a
Pre TX 3 Post TX 3 Post TX 3a
Pre TX 2 Post TX 2 Post TX 2a
This amazing woman came in describing another 'family inherited' chin, despite her very active lifestyle she was unable to change the full appearance of her chin. 
We had great results with just 2 treatments side by side as shown in the middle column. However we knew with another 2 treatments we could really get the 'wow factor'!  Total of 4 x Cool Mini Treatments only. 

*Individual results do vary

Abdomen & Flanks (Tummy & Hips)

Pre Treatment Post Treatment (12 weeks)
Abdomen Pre TX 1 Abdomen Post TX 1a
Abdomen Pre TX 2 Abdomen Post TX 2a
Abdomen Pre TX 3 Abdomen Post TX 3a
These results highlight the benefit of a transformation package where we assess your area of concern with the 360 degree approach.
This clients main area of concern was her abdomen, she wanted to flatten out her tummy. However by applying treatments to her lower flanks (hips) as well as the abdomen the overall result was effective and a complete transformation was the result - she felt like a new woman! 
Total of 6 treatments only.
*Individual results do vary

Upper Flank (Bra Roll)

Pre Treatment Post Treatment (12 weeks)
Pre TX 1 - Bra Roll Post TX 1a - Bra Roll
Pre TX 2 - Bra Roll Post TX 2a - Bra Roll
Pre TX 3 - Bra Roll Post TX 3a - Bra Roll
This client wanted to get rid of her bra roll as she didn't like them showing through when wearing fitting tops. We applied 1 x treatment either side and had a great result! Total 2 x  Treatments Only.
*Individual results do vary


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