Before & After 2

Submental (Chin)

Pre Treatment  Post Treatment - 12 weeks
D Rogers - Front Pre TX D Rogers - Front Post TX
D Rogers - Left Pre TX D Rogers - Left Post TX
D Rogers - Right Pre TX D Rogers - Right Post TX
Our Debs wanted to get rid of her 'inherited' double chin area. 1 x Cool Mini Treatment was applied to each side.
The actual treatment time was only 90mins - with fantastic results! 

*Individual results do vary

Flanks (Waist & Hips)

Pre Treatment Post Treatment (12 weeks)
Upper Flanks - Before-656-555 Upper Flanks - After-824-926
Our Client wanted to enhance her curve mid waist. 1 x CoolSculpting Treatment was applied to each side.
*Individual results do vary

Abdomen (Tummy)

Pre Treatment Post Treatment (12 weeks)
Adbomen - Before 2016-08-02 10
Abdomen Side - Before-907 2016-08-02 10
Our Client wanted to reduce volume around the abdomen and hip area. Treatments were applied to Lower Abdomen, Mid Abdomen and Hips - Total of 6 Treatments Only! Another very happy client!
*Individual results do vary


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